Haufler Composite produces carbon fibre reinforced sheets (thermosets and thermoplastics), combining CF/Epoxy, CF/PEEK, CF/PA6, CF/PPSU in thickness up to 100 mm. Carbon fiber / matrix combinations and reinforcement patterns are optimally adjusted to the specific requirements of the application.

Outstanding properties like stiffness, stability, light weight, X-ray transparency, lowest thermal expansion lead to increasing use of carbon fiber reinforced sheets in machine building industry, testing equipment, robotics, leisure and other applications.
CF/PEEK composites display furthermore exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance and thermal stability up to 260įC.

CF/PEEK composites are a promising material for the production of chemically resistant parts like nozzles, valves and gaskets; sliding parts like slide rings, bearings and guide rails and other challenging members, the finished parts displaying reliability and reduced maintenance.
We accompany our customers from prototyping to mass production. Please donít hesitate to contact us.

As the partner of manufacturers of fiber reinforced plastic parts we offer high quality raw materials like carbon fibres and carbon fiber fabrics, carbon epoxy prepregs, glass fiber fabrics, aramid fibers and fabrics, peel ply, release agents, fasteners, milled carbon fibres, vacuum bagging films and more.
A small range of our standard products can be ordered directly: Online-Shop
If you need specialities, higher quantities, special carbon sheets we are looking forward to receive your inquiry: e-mail: info@haufler.com

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