Company profile

Haufler Composites was founded in 1997 by Mrs Frauke Haufler and her husband Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Haufler as a sales agency for leading suppliers of materials for plastics reinforcement and is based in the rural setting of the Swabian Alb. The graduate engineer had at that time already acquired over 15 years experience in multiple national and international composites applications. With this expertise, we were able to develop continuously and from 2002 expanded our trading activities to include our own production of carbon fibre reinforced boards and components made from them.

In order to cope with the resulting requirements effectively and reliably, we operate in a worldwide network of reliable suppliers and customers. The constant technical development of our products is assured by the expansion of our plant and equipment, of the process chains, of our workforce and by training courses. We are also certified to ISO 9001.

Our workforce is growing steadily. Only in a working atmosphere of partnership and friendship are we able to achieve our long-term, sustainable and socially-responsible company goals. Everyone is an expert in their own particular field on the basis of many years’ experience and specialised knowledge, whether it is in production, technical advice, sales organisation etc. Flexible, family-friendly working conditions, which satisfy the requirements of both customers and employees, are important for us.