Cut carbon fibers

Milled carbon fiber

Carbon Powder is available either with mixed fiber lengths or same length from 80 µm to 0,3 mm (e.g. 80 µm for 3D printing applications) .

The use improves the properties of thermoplastic or thermoset products, the conducting and mechanical characteristics are elevated to a higher level. The dimensional stability and the chemical resistance are also further improved.

    • Carbon milled , carbon chopped , carbon fiber ,  milled carbon fibres

      Milled carbon fibres

Cut carbon fibers

Available from fiber lengths 0,3 to 120 mm.

NEW: Carbon Fibers 6mm available with modified sizings and compatible for automatic supply and blending facilities together with PA, PPA, PC, PPS, PP, PEEK, Epoxy or Concrete.

    • Cut carbon fibers

      Cut carbon fibers

NEW: Milled carbon fibers in granulates

With this easy-to-dose new product we are offering the advantages of milled carbon and the possibility of working in a dust-free and highly accurate way.