Due to their high specific stiffness our carbon fibre reinforced materials offer great potential for moving parts like axes of CNC machines or grippers in automation. We already made CNC axes which feature a weight reduction of 85% compared to metal constructions. CFRP components show very low thermal expansion (thermal expansion of CFRP materials can be adjusted by kind of fibre and fibre orientation).

    • CFRP CF-Epoxy waterjet cut
    • Haufler Composites produces carbon fiber composites like gantries for CNC machines or grippers in automation
    • Carbon gantry axis
    • Carbon components for machine engineering and automation applications

Manufacturing Process

Unlike the standard manufacturing process of fibre reinforced parts our process requires no tooling, resulting in an economic production also of low quantities or individual items. In a first step CFRP semi-finished products optimized to the loads of the component are produced. Not only the kind of fibre and fibre orientation can be varied. For high chemical or abrasion resistance or high thermal stability also the matrix system can be selected to the special requirements. Based on these optimized semi-finished products the component originates in the second step by bonding or bolting similar to the production of metal constructions. Unlike in welded metal parts, no tension due to different temperatures appear in our parts which leads to a high precision and no warpage caused by machining. Especially components in the sector of machine-building which require a high stiffness benefit from our production process. We will gladly support you in the composite orientated designing of your components


Due to low weight, high stiffness and minor thermal expansion, carbon fiber materials offer great capabilities for fast and exact moving components. The laser cutting machine “Stiefelmayer effective” (Stiefelmayer Lasertechnik GmbH & Co.KG) is a very successful example. A light carbon fiber gantry axis made by Haufler Composites in combination with a fiber laser and linear direct drives lead to clearly increased productivity and high precision.

Encouraged by the positive results with carbon fiber materials in the “Stiefelmayer effective”- series Stiefelmayer Lasertechnik decided to rely on carbon fiber y- and z-axis in a new 3D 5-axis laser cutting machine in 2014. Through the application of high-modulus carbon fiber, the weight of the gantry axis with a length of 3.70 m could be reduced by 85 % compared to steal meaning a saving of around 1700 kg. This allows the very dynamic movement of the gantry axis by linear direct drives together with maintaining close tolerances in operation.

    • Moving CFRP axis
    • Carbon fiber Y- and Z-axis
    • Carbon gantry axis of laser cutting machine Stiefelmayer 3D