Carbon fibre boards

Carbon fibre composite semi-finished products from Haufler Composites offer a wide range of end-uses from high-performance skis, via precision tools, grinding wheel supports through to large and small tool shafts.

Where stiffness, weight reduction, stability, thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance, low wear and tear, minimal thermal expansion, X-ray transparency and carbon design are needed, this semi-finished product offers solutions.

The carbon fibres and matrix systems - mainly epoxy resins and PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) – are selected according to the specific end-use and optimised. Boards can be supplied in thicknesses between 0.5 and 100 mm.

The CFRP semi-finished composites can be processed conventionally such as by milling and water jet cutting.

Our semi-finished products are already used today in high-performance skis, measuring tools, grinding wheel supports, tool shafts for CNC machines, gaskets and nozzles for use at high ambient temperatures with corrosive media and for precision tools.

The advantages for our customers lie not only in saving tooling costs and avoiding long lead times, which occur when moulded parts are needed, but also in the high precision of the end product.

CFRP semi-finished products feature:

  • very high stiffness and strength

  • low mass

  • very low thermal expansion

  • thermal expansion adjustable by type of fibre and fibre orientation

  • X-ray transparency

  • excellent fatigue strength

CF-epoxy boards

CF-epoxy boards

Type of fibre and fibre orientation are optimized according to your requirements. The surface could be implemented with rough, mat or brilliant quality after customer demands.

CF-PEEK boards

CF-PEEK boards

For applications which require a high thermal stability or high chemical and abrassion resistance.