CF-PEEK Boards

We produce CF-PEEK boards (carbon fiber PEEK) by pressing. In addition to the carbon fibre characteristics such as strength and stiffness, the PEEK matrix exhibits outstanding chemical stability, low wear and tear, low water absorption, outstanding gliding properties and a suitability for use up to 260°C without volatile components.

Valves, slide rings for bearings, injectors, slide feeds, common devices in corrosive surroundings exhibit durability and low maintenance costs.

Our CF-PEEK boards are used for parts which are applied in extreme conditions. Our CF-PEEK boards feature:

  • sterilisation with superheated steam possible

  • exceptional chemical resistance

  • high abrasion resistance

  • low coefficient of friction

  • no volatile components

    • CF-PEEK , Carbon PEEK  thermoplastic boards, temperature resistance, chemical resistance , woven carbon fiber fabric/ PEEK plates

      Carbon PEEK

characteristic values CF-PEEK boards:

fibre orientation


standard dimension [mm]

1160 x 550


HT-Carbon, 3K


PEEK (Polyetheretherketon)

fibre volume content [%]

ca. 50

density [g/cm³]

ca. 1,5

tensile strength [MPa]


elastic modulus [Gpa]


compressive strength [Mpa]


CTE 0°/90° [1/K]

5 x 10E-6

max. service temperature [°C]

260°C (low stress)

The information in our technical documents is reliable and related to practice, however it remains the customers responsibility to examine our products in regard to the intended purpose and process. Further matrix systems (both thermoset and thermoplastic), type of fibres or additional dimensions may be available on request.