Release Agents

Our polymer based semi-permanent release agents for thermosetting and thermoplastic resins are easy to handle. Our release agents are also available in a special type for high temperature applications up to 400°C.

  • easy to handle

  • no polishing necessary

  • high-gloss surfaces

Our polymer based semi-permanent release agents are different to usual wax based release agents. They consist of polymers and build a few µ thin antiadhesive film on the mould surface. The surface of the mould should be absolutely free from grease and wax, so that the thin cured film seals and sticks well to the mould surface. We strongly recommend the use of a solvent-based sealant for the first application. After the application of a release agent demoulding can be performed several times up to 400 °C with a resulting high-gloss laminate surface.




Sealant for the first application for TREN’S A and TREN’S WS200


Release agent for thermosetting and thermoplastic resins. Few pinholes, good surface quality. Can be used up to 300°C.


Solvent free release agent, non-flammable, nearly free of smell


Release agent and sealant, can be used up to 380°C

HT 400+

Semi-permanent special release agent for high performance thermoplastics like PEEK or PPSU. Can be used up to 400°C.