Carbon epoxy plates

Continous fibre reinforced carbon epoxy semi-finished sheets offer high stiffness and strength with low weight. Haufler Composites produces CFRP plates that are used in demanding applications. These range from mechanical engineering, measurement technology and medical technology to sports equipment. We manufacture both solid carbon sheets and sandwich panels. They range in size from small plates to plates that are several metres long.

At Haufler Composites, CFRP boards are completely manufactured in our own production facility. This guarantees a semi-finished product that can be perfectly tailored to the end product. Depending on technical requirements, we can adjust fibre type and orientation, as well as the matrix systems.

High precision is required for mechanical engineering and industrial uses. CFRP sheets are also produced in a ground finish with tight thickness tolerances for such uses. By using high-modulus fibres, we are able to produce CFRP sheets with an elasticity modulus that is higher than that of steel on unidirectional sheets in the direction of the fibre.

Carbon plates can be adapted conventionally using water jet cutting or milling. For design applications that demand a superior surface finish, we offer “Matt”, “Textured” and “Gloss”, produced using a special press method.

  • Short delivery times even for project-specific semi-finished products thanks to full in-house production
  • Tight tolerances due to ground surfaces from 1 mm thick
  • Freely selectable fibre orientation (unidirectional, bidirectional, multidirectional)
  • Also available using high-modulus fibres
  • Finishes: “Gloss”, “Matt”, “Textured”
  • Rough surface on both sides (protected by peel ply) from 0.3 mm thick
high gloss carbon plates, UV stability, carbon veneer
CFRP Insert Wing

CFRP Inserts

Our CF/Epoxy semi-finished products with multiaxial fiber orientation offer optimal possibilities for load introduction on fiber composite components.
Available as semi-finished plate or as CNC milled components.
For applications in aircraft construction with factory certificate according to DIN EN10204 3.1.
carbon beneer

Carbon veneer

Our carbon veneer is used in applications where the highest demands are placed on the optical appearance of the carbon plates.
In our carbon veneer, carbon fabric in design quality with minimal distortion and closed surface is used.
The matrix system is highly transparent and UV-stabilized.
The carbon veneer has a high gloss finish on the front side. With its ground surface, the back side is optimally prepared for bonding to an existing surface.
Available in weave pattern 3K twill in dimensions 123cm x 98cm and 193cm x 98cm, thickness each 0.5mm.
Further dimensions, weave patterns and grammage  on request.