Carbon PEEK boards

ketron CC, tecatec, tecapeek, TECATEC PEEK CW50
Haufler Composites produces PEEK sheets using the press method for extremely demanding applications.
Our biocompatible carbon fiber/PEEK materials are suitable for steam sterilisation. In medical technology, our semi-finished products have been used for over 15 years for X-ray transparent surgical instruments.
PEEK is a thermoplastic with high temperature resistance. In addition to the familiar properties of carbon fibre, such as high strength and stiffness, the PEEK matrix is characterised by extremely high resistance to chemicals, low wear and moisture absorption, excellent sliding properties and a maximum operating temperature of approx. 260 °C (depending on the application).
Haufler Composites produces carbon PEEK plates from fabrics with a fibre content ratio of approx. 50 % with a fibre orientation of 0°/90° or multidirectional fibre orientation of 0°/90°/+-45°.
Carbon PEEK plates from tape are produced with fibre orientation in any direction – e.g. unidirectional – and a fibre content ratio of approx. 60 %.
In contrast to carbon PEEK compounds, in which the thermoplastic is mixed with short carbon fibres, much higher mechanical characteristics are achieved by using endless carbon fibres.
In corrosive environments, CF-PEEK valves, bearings or slide rings in particular have a much longer service life and lower maintenance costs.
piston rings sealing Carbon PEEK
Thanks to their high wear resistance and chemical resistance, our carbon fiber/PEEK semi-finished products are used as bearing material under corrosive environmental conditions, in piston rings or in support rings.
Depending on the geometry and application, the components are manufactured from semi-finished products or pressed directly as a molded part.

Our CF-PEEK sheets are used for components that are exposed to extreme conditions and have the following properties:

  • can be autoclaved
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • outstanding wear resistance
  • low friction coefficient
  • high abrasion resistance
  • no volatile components

Characteristic values CF-PEEK-Boards:

Fibre orientation



HT-Carbon, 3K


PEEK (Polyetheretherketon)

Fibre volume content [%]

ca. 50

Density [g/cm³]

ca. 1,5

tensile strength [MPa]


elastic modulus [GPa]


compressive strength [MPa]


CTE 0°/90° [1/K]

5 x 10E-6

Max. service temperature [°C]

260°C (low stress)

The information in our technical documents is based on practical experience and is reliable, but customers should still check for themselves whether our products are suitable for their intended processes and applications.

Other matrix systems (both thermoset and thermoplastic), fibre types or sizes available on request.