Chopped carbon fibres

Milled carbon fibre

Milled carbon fibre is used as a filler for thermoset and thermoplastic products. It is used to increase strength and stiffness properties, as well as electrical and thermal conductivity.
Available with mixed lengths, main fibre length 0.08 - 0.12mm or with uniform fibre length (e.g. 0.08 mm for 3D printing).

Chopped carbon fibre

Available in lengths from 0.3 to 120 mm.
NEW: 6-mm chopped carbon fibre is available as standard with different sizings and optimised for use with PA, PPA, PC, PPS, PP, PEEK epoxy or for concrete reinforcement depending on the application.

Carbon fibre granules

The advantage of the newly developed carbon fibre granules is dust-free processing.
The fibres do not stick together and are easy to dispense.