CNC processing

CNC processing of composite materials

We specialise in CNC processing of fibre composites. Our products range from simple cut geometries to complex components processed on multiple sides using CNC milling.
To ensure the highest possible accuracy, CNC processing of high-precision carbon components is performed in a separate, climate-controlled production area.
Processing fibre composite materials is very different to machining traditional materials. High demands on component quality require a high level of expertise and experience with the CFRP material, in addition to special tools and the right machinery.
If the highest precision is required in the finished components, the correct adjustments must be made during production of the CFRP semi-finished product with regard to the later finished part. Accordingly, Haufler Composites not only produces CFRP semi-finished products fully in-house, but also has its own CNC processing specifically for fibre composite components in the production facility.

We offer:

  • CFRP milled parts as individual items or in series
  • tight shape and positional tolerances
  • high-precision components up to a length of 3 m
  • ready-to-use parts according to your drawing
  • short delivery times thanks to complete production in-house