Haufler Composites stocks fillers such as milled carbon fibre, chopped carbon fibre, microballoons and cotton flock.
Fillers are added to resins to create adhesives or smoothing compounds. Resin shrinkage is reduced; strength and stiffness are increased compared to pure resin.
Milled carbon fibre is used as a filler for thermoset and thermoplastic products. It is used to increase strength and stiffness properties, as well as electrical and thermal conductivity. The main fibre length is 0.1- 0.35 mm. Chopped carbon fibre is available in lengths from 1 to 6 mm.
Microballoons are very fine and lightweight, white hollow glass bubbles. They are very low density. Used as a filler in resins, they produce pastes that are easy to smooth and sand.  The lightweight smoothing compound has higher compressive strength than the resin.
Cotton flock is used as a fibrous filler with epoxy resin to create structural adhesives. It produces light and thixotropic fillers, which are also used as a coupling layer in mould making.