CFRP semi-finished products

High-performance material CFRP

CFRP sheet materials have a wide range of uses, from high-performance skis, measuring tool components and tool carriers to axes on laser cutting machines. We do not supply standard CFRP semi-finished products off the shelf, but always optimise our products to suit the specific project. : the carbon fibres are well-chosen and arranged according to stiffness and strength. Depending on requirements, we usually use epoxy resin or PEEK (polyether ether ketone) for the matrix.
CFRP semi-finished products and CFRP plates can be processed conventionally and are “shaped” using water jet cutting and milling.
Our CFRP boards are used in: mechanical engineering, medical technology, measurement technology, robotics, car tuning, model making, sports industry, watchmaking (cases, faces)...
Our customers not only benefit from cost savings due to the high tool costs and long lead times that arise when using moulded parts, but also from an end product with great precision.

Features of CFRP sheets:

  • very high stiffness and strength
  • low mass
  • very low thermal expansion
  • thermal expansion can be adjusted by fibre type and orientation
  • X-ray transparency
  • excellent fatigue strength