Epoxy resins

Epoxy resins are generally superior to other resin systems in terms of their mechanical properties and resistance to environmental influences.
High-performance composite epoxy resins from Sika are designed for mould making and for composite production relating to vehicle and boat building, wind power and industrial applications.
The systems are specially developed to meet the highest standards of the end user and to ensure the efficiency of production processes.
We have resins for all common processing methods, such as hand lamination, infusion, pultrusion, winding and resin transfer moulding.
Different temperature ranges, viscosities, pot lives and glass transition temperatures can be achieved with various combinations of resin and hardening agent.
The resin is usually purchased in packaging units of approx. 10/30/200/1,000 kg, and the hardener in units corresponding to the mixing ratio.
In addition to the standard products listed on our homepage, Sika also produces many other variations with special properties.
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