Product range

For more than 20 years, Haufler Composites has been offering a broad range of fabrics, prepregs, epoxy resins and process materials for the production of high-quality fibre composite components. Alongside carbon fabrics for design, industrial or aeronautics applications, Haufler Composites also supplies glass and aramid fabrics for composite components. This means at Haufler Composites you can source all materials needed for the production of fibre composite components direct from one place.

Additionally, Haufler Composites produces semi-finished carbon reinforced sheets and technical components. Carbon sheets are produced on a project-specific basis. This means customers can choose the fibre orientation, fibre type (e.g. HT carbon fibre or HM carbon fibre) and thickness of the semi-finished products according to the specific application, or can opt for pre-finished CNC-processed components.


Haufler Composites is a self-financed, owner-managed family company in Blaubeuren, Germany, specialising in carbon materials and fibre composites.

Haufler Composites was founded in 1997. Initially, the company focused on the sale of plastic reinforcement materials, such as semi-finished carbon and glass fibre products. The operation was expanded from 2002 to include fibre composites with in-house production of CFRP sheets (carbon sheets) and CFRP components made from them.

Ever since, the company has steadily expanded its in-house production processes, production and storage areas and machinery. The product range of reinforcement fibres and processing materials has also been increased continuously over the years, so that we now work with a global network of reliable suppliers and customers.
The consistent technical development of our products is guaranteed by expanding our machinery, process chains and team of employees, and through training. We are also certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

Our team of employees is always growing. Lasting, sustainable and socially responsible corporate goals can only be implemented when we work together in an atmosphere of friendly partnership. All members of the team are experts in their field based on many years’ experience and expertise, whether in production, technical advice, sales organisation etc.
We firmly believe in flexible, family-oriented working conditions that meet the needs of our customers and employees.